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Why do You Need to Clean Your HVAC Filters and Maintain Them?

Why do You Need to Clean Your HVAC Filters and Maintain Them?

Is your HVAC filter cleaning long-overdue? Do you remember the last time you changed the air filters in your home? These questions are important because keeping up with your air filters can save your HVAC system from deterioration and your bank account from depletion. You should look for HVAC repair in Saskatoon if you haven’t already done so.

The Advantages of Regular HVAC Filter Maintenance 

There are numerous benefits of regularly cleaning your HVAC filters. Some of them are:

It Keeps Your Home Clean 

Clean air filters keep your home free from dirt and dust. This is especially important for families with a greater number of people and pets. It is also vital for people with allergies or breathing problems. Dirty air filters circulate contaminated air to the HVAC system and spread it throughout your home.

It Keeps Your Energy Costs Down 

Clogged or dirty HVAC filters can make your heating system work much more than it should. Your system faces a hard time circulating air throughout your house. The harder your system works, the higher your monthly energy bills rise. Regularly maintaining your HVAC system and keeping your air filters clean can help you save between 10 to 15% on your utility costs every year.

Maximizes the Lifespan of Your HVAC Unit 

There are a number of reasons for which heating and air conditioning systems break down. Your air filter is one of those reasons. Clogged air filters make your system work harder and cause damages. An overheated system may cause damage to the other components of the HVAC unit, and you might be forced to opt for a costly heating repair in Saskatoon, SK, or purchase a new system for your home.

If you’re trying to improve air quality inside your home for health reasons or want to cut down on your energy bills, cleaning of your HVAC filters is a cheap and easy step in your home maintenance routine. However, it is difficult to determine how often to change your air filters. According to the HVAC experts, it is recommended that you change or clean your air filters every 30 to 60 days.

What are the Alternatives to Cleaning the HVAC Filters? 

If you don’t like to clean your HVAC system regularly and want to rely upon professional HVAC repair in Saskatoon, when required, you may consider some alternative options that save you from cleaning the air filters on your own.

Switch to Disposable Filters 

You can dispose of this type of filter once they become dirty or clogged. These filters are generally cheap and cost around $1 to $4. It is a good idea to keep several disposable filters at your home so that you can replace them throughout the year.

Hire a Heating Repair in Saskatoon

HVAC contractors in Saskatoon also clean the air filters during an HVAC repair, tune-up, and maintenance services. If you don’t want to clean the air filters all by yourself, you can ask for professional help by calling Efficiency Heating, Cooling & Fireplaces.

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