Stay Calm – Keep Cool And Healthy This Summer

What Happens To Our Bodies In The Heat?

During the summer months, our internal body temperature rises. If the body gets too hot we can get symptoms such as heat rash, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke. It’s not just being out in the sun that puts us at risk either. This is why air conditioner replacements in Saskatoon, SK can be so important!

Make sure when you are out in the sun you drink plenty of fluids – not alcohol as this can dehydrate you. You need to protect your body with a high factor sun cream, try to wear a sunhat, and every thirty minutes or so come out of the sun and sit in the shade.

Also, try to avoid exercising during the hottest hours of the day which is between midday and five O’clock. When you are inside the house use your air conditioning to keep the entire house cool.

How Can I Tell If My Air Conditioning Needs Replacing?

There are some indications that might suggest you need to replace your AC system. People tend to just keep repairing their system rather than replace it but long term this can become costlier.

So, it may be time for you to investigate air conditioner replacements in Saskatoon, SK, and get someone to give you some good advice. Here are the main indicators that it’s time to replace your air conditioning unit.

  • The AC Unit Is Older Than 10-Years: After your air conditioning system reaches the 10-year mark it’s time to think about replacing it. This is the average lifespan of a cooling unit. After this the efficiency and viability of using the unit deteriorates.
  • Moisture Leaks: If you are seeing pools of moisture or water this is a very good indication the drain tubes are blocked or broken. You may be tempted to just call in a repair man or use duct tape. However, most of the time not sorting it out now, means you will pay more in the future.
  • Previous Breakdowns And Repairs: Sometimes when a system starts to fail, it does so gradually. If you have had previous problems that are recurring, it is a good chance it’s time to look at air conditioner replacements in Saskatoon, SK. Sadly continuing to repair the same issues is essentially throwing money away.
  • The Air Is No Longer As Cool As It Was: If you have had regular maintenance carried out on your air conditioning system and the air is not as cool as it was in the past, or you notice warm spots in the home, this is a strong indicator that you may need to consider replacing your AC system completely.

It’s Summer, Every Technician Will Be Booked

Many people think this is the case but the reality is that most reputable companies have many technicians to call upon, especially during the summer months.

It’s simply not worth your well-being and health and try to struggle on during the intense heat if your AC system is not keeping you cool. Call (306) 384-4328 today or visit our Contact Us page. After all, your health is priceless.

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