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Signs That Shows Your Furnace Is Unhealthy

Signs That Shows Your Furnace Is Unhealthy

Most HVAC systems consist of a Furnace System. Therefore, the working of the HVAC System depends on a healthy furnace. An HVAC system can be of great importance during the latter half of the year when the temperatures drop, especially in Saskatoon when the temperature decreases to negative degrees almost daily. Therefore, maintaining a healthy and working furnace is essential to survive those hard times. Get furnace service in Saskatoon at affordable rates.

Common problems that plague a furnace: 

Furnaces tend to degrade faster in comparison to the other components of the HVAC system. The most common problems they face are: 

  • Corrosion upon exposure to moisture. 
  • Cracking in the ducts and main furnace body due to extreme temperatures.
  • The collection of dust and dirt leads to further clogging of the ducts. 
  • The decrease in the free surface area of the air filter 
  • Inefficiency in the working of the blower motor due to corrosion of the motor. 

Symptoms of an unhealthy furnace: 

All furnaces reveal warning signs before completely shutting off. These are some warning signs that may or may not be noticeable. However, to personally inspect the furnace, one should look out for these warning signs:

  • Inefficient cooling and heating of rooms: This implies that the ducts of the HVAC system need to be cleaned to transfer air around properly. 
  • Non-functioning dials: The temperature dials no longer control the temperature.
  • Increase in the noise while heating: The noise can range from a ringing to a full-blown rumble. 
  • Strange smells emanating from the furnace: The strange smell is either a Rotten egg smell, a suffocating dusty smell, or a burning smell.  
  • Noticeable decrease in the air quality of the house: This can be because gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are not being filtered from the vicinity of the house properly. 
  • Harmful build-up: Increase in the build-up of allergens, which can be harmful to individuals who have asthma. 

Personal Maintenance of an HVAC system: 

It is practically impossible and financially harmful to inspect an HVAC system professionally every month. An HVAC system can survive for around 10 to 15 years with just a bi-yearly inspection and professional maintenance sessions from the Furnace guys at Saskatoon. However, for the rest of the year, a homeowner can carry out maintenance activities like: 

  • Put off the main power supply.
  • Clean the vicinity of the furnace from dust. 
  • Straighten the pipes of the Air conditioner and wipe the hands inside the system as well. 
  • Check the ducts for corrosion and missing insulation. 
  • Lubricate the blower motor at regular intervals. 
  • Change the filter of the blower motor. This should be done every three months. 

However, it is essential to clean the HVAC System professionally and get regular HVAC repairs in Saskatoon. Efficiency Heating offers a team of professional maintenance and repair personnel capable of treating all the ailments that one’s HVAC system possesses. In addition to this, appointments are fairly easy to make. They also offer their services in installing or replacing an old furnace or air conditioner. 

The team of skilled technicians also lends their hands to conducting bi-yearly inspections. To book an appointment with the furnace guys at Saskatoon now, you can call (306) 384-4328.

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