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Making Your Home More Comfortable

Making Your Home More Comfortable

Before one more intolerant winter sets in, as a homeowner, the most important thing you can do for your family is to make your furnace safe to use and save energy. 

When the first cold weather sets in, you definitely won’t want to turn on the heater, only to find out it’s not working. Your heater can be affected by all sorts of things that happen all around the year, so it’s best to prepare. Ignoring these heater failures can quickly lead to expensive heating repairs in Saskatoon, SK.

Here are a few tips that will keep your home warm and comfortable during winters:

Change The Air Filters

Change the furnace air filter monthly, find the filter and remove it. Insert the new filter into place following the arrows on the filter frame. Or, if you have a permanent electrostatic filter, you can rinse it and use it again. Regular cleaning or filter replacement will prevent dust particles from entering the furnace and possibly extend its life.

Set Thermostat To Heat

When troubleshooting a furnace, make sure that the heater thermostat is in good condition. You can verify this by switching the heater thermostat from cooling to heating.

Cleaning The Burner

When the furnace is not used in summers, dust accumulates. When your burner is turned on and covered in dust, your entire house might smell like dust. To avoid this problem, clean the burner. 

Check And Oil The Furnace Blower 

In winter, you must make sure that all parts of your heating system are clean and in good working condition. In general, furnace blower motors play a crucial role in the performance and efficiency of your heating system. Oil at least once a year to improve its overall performance.

Make Sure The Thermostat Is Working Correctly

The thermostat determines the efficiency of your heating system. To check if the thermostat is working correctly, turn on the heater thermostat and observe its reaction. It always starts up without problems. If you have an old manual thermostat, you should consider upgrading it. A set-back thermostat gives you complete control over the room temperature in your home; Therefore, they are the best choice. In addition, the set-back thermostat can automatically lower the temperature when you are not at home or sleeping. By using this type of thermostat, you will save a lot of money.

Uncover Heating Vents

Always check the vents to make sure nothing is blocking them. Blocked ventilation holes prevent heat from heating your home. 

Clean Chimney And Vents

Your heater can be connected to a vent directly on the sidewall or through a chimney. In summer, debris or small animals can enter the vents or chimney, so make sure the vents are not open before turning on the heater. If your furnace is venting through a chimney, you should also check for soot deposits.

If none of the above remedies work, you must look for reliable help for furnace repair in Saskatoon. Call Efficiency Heating and Cooling at  (306) 384-4328. Our professionals are ready to help you. For more details, you can send us an email at [email protected]

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