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Keep That Cool Summer Breeze Flowing In Your Home

Keep That Cool Summer Breeze Flowing In Your Home

Keeping Cool Inside Your Home

Everyone loves feeling warm and when the sun is shining it boosts serotonin levels in our bodies which acts as a feel-good neurotransmitter that regulates our mood, sleep, appetite, and memory. All great, but as much as it feels good to be warm it’s important to stay comfortably cool too. If you have an air conditioning system you should have it serviced regularly and the air conditioning service Martensville, SK provide is of a very high standard.

When the heat gets too much and our body temperature has risen we need somewhere cool to retreat to. This is especially true in the workplace. We all need to feel comfortable and cool in order to focus and carry out our work. So, if you are a business owner it’s in the best interests of productivity that your staff is kept cool so they can continue to carry out their jobs efficiently.

Why Is It Important to Have My Air Conditioning System Serviced?

The main reason is to prolong your AC system. It doesn’t matter what brand of cooling units you have, they all need a regular service to keep functioning properly.

It’s the same as keeping your car running smoothly and doing your best to make sure it doesn’t break down by having it serviced regularly and checking the general maintenance such as oil levels. An AC system needs the same loving care to ensure it keeps you and others in the building cool.

An air conditioning service in Martensville, SK means you will have a qualified technician to carry out the work. Services include keeping the units clean, checking the filters are working properly and if not replacing them, making sure the condenser is functioning, and generally checking your whole system over. Having regular services means your system will last longer and keep that cool breeze flowing inside the property whenever you need it to.

How to Tell If You Need Your AC Serviced

Your units need to be serviced once a year to make sure it’s ready for the summer months. If you haven’t had a service since last summer then you need to consider having one carried out. You can also tell if your AC is not working properly.

For example, there are hotspots in the property when the unit is turned on, the air doesn’t feel as cool as usual or you are noticing moisture leaking from the unit or pools of water underneath it.

Other signs that you need an air conditioning service Martensville, SK offer include a low air quality when the unit is turned on, there is a strange smell coming from the unit, the unit makes noises when it’s running or your utility bill has increased a lot since you’ve been using it.

Now is the time to act. If you think you should have a service on your AC time is of the essence. Leaving it might mean the difference between a service or need a whole new system fitted which is a lot more cost. Call (306) 384-4328 today or visit our Contact Us page and stay cool this summer.

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