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How Long Will My Furnace Last When Should I Replace It

How Long Will My Furnace Last When Should I Replace It

Everything comes with an expiration date. When something you buy is essential and expensive, an extended lifespan is beneficial and desirable for you. Do you know the projected lifespan of your furnace?

It’s rare for the furnace to last 30 years, but if it does, that is not something very unusual for the ears. Right circumstances and proper maintenance can lengthen the life expectancy of a furnace. But the standard life expectancy of a furnace is 15 to 30 years.

When the cost of furnace repair in Saskatoon is outweighing the cost of buying a new one is the appropriate time to replace it.

However, many times the furnace stops working without giving the homeowner any hint of significant malfunction. You need to stay alert about the anticipated lifespan of your furnace to avoid an encounter with a sudden breakdown.

Factors that shorten the lifespan of a furnace:

 Nothing lasts forever. But you can take good care of your furnace and help it run till its expected lifespan without needing a furnace service in Saskatoon or without causing any sudden trouble. Let’s look at some of the causes which shorten the lifespan of your furnace:

Make and model the furnace:

Some furnace brands are better than others, or there can’t be any competition between them. While buying a furnace for your home, make sure that you prefer a well-known brand that serves your purpose within your budget.

Professional installation:

In the furnace installation, Saskatoon where the furnace is purchased or installed without the assistance of a certified professional has voided the warranty. Improper installation can cause many problems in the furnace.

Frequency of maintenance:

Like our body can’t run adequately without seeing a doctor, your furnace requires necessary maintenance frequently to run efficiently. Regular maintenance is a must-do to upkeep the health of your furnace. As a thumb rule, call Efficiency Heating, Cooling & Fireplaces at (306) 384-4328 to get the entire HVAC system examined and maintained at least once a year.

Location and Ventilation:

Whether your furnace is in your garage or your closet; you need to be sure about the ventilation and proper clearance of your furnace to avoid frequent furnace repair in Saskatoon. If your furnace is not getting enough airflow or if there is too much moisture, the heat exchanger can be damaged causing a reduced life span of the furnace.

Do I need to replace my furnace?

 It’s your sole decision whether you want to replace your furnace or not. But there are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind while the decision of replacement is still due.

Even though you are not finding any issue with the working of your furnace and it is 15 or more years old, replacing the furnace may benefit you rather than a furnace repair Saskatoon. With every passing year, your furnace loses a bit of its efficiency. That means to keep your house cold, and it must work a little harder than the last years.

By replacing your furnace; you may notice a considerable reduction in your energy bills while getting an increased efficiency in your HVAC system. Additionally, since you have bought your furnace for the last time, new technology has come out, reducing the load and increasing efficiency.

Replacing the furnace can turn out to be the best investment for your home and family.

What if your furnace has already broken down? That makes your decision easier by following a simple thumb rule. If the repair furnace service Saskatoon cost is 50% or more than the total price of the unit, you need to replace your furnace.

Signs to consider while replacing your furnace:

Age of your furnace:

Through the furnace can run till the 30th year or more, not necessarily you will wait till the last date to replace it. If your furnace has been bought 25 years, it is probably nearing the end of its lifespan.

Increased energy bills:

If you don’t notice many differences in your monthly energy bills, try and compare your energy bills for the winter months of this year to the last year, and you will get a clear picture. Comparing yearly energy bills helps you to understand your spending. If the energy bills are going higher, the insufficient furnace can be the culprit.

Strange noises:

Strange noises can be the sign of a failing furnace. You can ignore the single occurrence when the first time you start your furnace in the winter. But if you find a noisy furnace now and then there must be something wrong with it. Call a professional furnace service Saskatoontechnician to inspect your furnace.

Call Efficiency Heating, Cooling & Fireplaces at (306) 384-4328 for furnace repair in Saskatoon if you face any trouble with your furnace.


There is a rule with the change of your furnace filter. If your furnace filter is of 1-2-inch change them every three months, for 4 inches, filter change is required every six months, and the furnace filters can run up to twelve months if they are of 5 inches.

Firstly, you need to remove the old filters from the furnace. The new air filter will have an arrow to indicate the proper airflow direction. Place the filter placing the arrow facing toward the furnace. Slide the new air filters in with the arrow pointing toward the furnace, and it's done.

If you put your furnace filter in backward, the air will have a harder time flowing through the filter, and it will be hard for the air handler to make up the loss of the airflow. You may end up getting higher utility bills or damaging the furnace or the air conditioner.

You can technically run your furnace without fillers. But it will not only cause damage to your furnace but will also damage the health of your family.

Vacuuming your furnace filter is a better alternative, but you may tear or rip the filter during the process. Also, there can be a release of dust and other toxins in the ductwork.

It can be due to soot or mold. But if both are not the reasons, the furnace filters are probably severely clogged.

If your furnace filter is dirty, it will look severely discolored. You can take that as a clue that your furnace filter is dirty. Insufficient heating and cooling can be another sign of the same.

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