Having An AC Installed In Your Home? Consider A Ductless Cooling System

Having An AC Installed In Your Home? Consider A Ductless Cooling System

Although you are not yet sweating it out, you still need to ensure that your air conditioner is ready for the task ahead because the warm season will be upon us soon. This is why an increasing number of homeowners today hiring professional contractors for air conditioner installations Saskatoon, SK area. In readiness for the summer, you need to have your AC maintained and tuned up by a qualified and experienced air conditioner installation, repair, and maintenance professional. The various maintenance and tune-up services carried out by such professionals on an air conditioner are aimed at improving the efficiency, reliability, and performance of the unit during the summer. However, there comes a time when you need to have your old unit replaced rather than repaired.


At Efficiency Heating, Cooling & Fireplaces, we have some of the leading HVAC installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair technicians in the industry. If your heating and cooling system required too many repairs to function last year, you need to have a new one installed in its place by a professional. You may also need to have a new unit installed in your home just to improve energy efficiency in the home. For the many years, we have been in this industry, we have come across various types of heating and cooling systems. As such, we understand the benefits as well as shortcomings of the various air conditioners on the market today. In this regard, a ductless cooling system is one of the best types of air conditioners you can buy today. When properly installed by the professionals, a ductless air conditioner will have many benefits to offer, including:

Improved Air Quality

As an air conditioner grows older, it becomes prone to many problems. For instance, your older air conditioner may start leaking air, which makes it inefficient in cooling your home. In the case of central heating and cooling systems, air pollutants and germs accumulate in the ducts over time, especially when the system is not running. Such pollutants and germs will then be blown into your indoor space the moment you run the unit. This contaminates indoor air and can lead to several health problems for you and your family. On the contrary, ductless systems do not have ducts. By installing a ductless system, you will get rid of the pollutants associated with the ducted air conditioners; hence improving the quality of the air you breathe in your home.

More Versatile And Saves Money

Most ductless air conditioners today use heat pump technology. As such, the air conditioners may also be used to heat your home during the winter. Again, modern ductless air conditioners are known to be very efficient on energy. With such a system, you will be paying less in energy bills and avoid the need to install a heating system for the winter, hence saving some money.

To reap the various benefits of a ductless heating and cooling system, you must opt for professional air conditioner installations in Saskatoon, SK area. This will ensure that the right unit is installed properly in your home for optimal performance and efficiency. For experienced, skilled, and certified air conditioner installation technicians, give us a call today at (306) 384-4328.

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