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Guide to Common AC Mistakes

Guide to Common AC Mistakes

With June approaching its halfway mark, your AC has been working non-stop. And you need it to be in its prime condition if you want it to work for a long time to come.
The first thing you should be mindful of is that the longer your AC works constantly, the higher the chances are that the efficiency of the AC is going to lower.

AC owners usually make more than just one mistake. And these mistakes often happen unknowingly because having the AC on becomes like second nature. But, you do not have to worry about the repercussions of any mistake because this guide is all you need. 

Not Changing Your Air Filter 

Your air filter traps harmful substances and improves the air quality in your house. If you put off changing your air filter for long, the layer of dirt will become thicker. As the layer of debris keeps on building, the air conditioner functioning quality lowers. Therefore, the air quality in your house degrades. 

To make sure that the air in your house is clean and your AC is not taking a lot of stress, make sure to change your air filters every six months. A company providing AC service in Saskatoon will be able to help you here. If your air filter can last a bit longer, you can get it cleaned or get the opinion of an expert on a replacement air filter. 

Not Programming The Thermostat

The thermostat in your house is your best friend. If you set it correctly, it will remove the load from your AC and keep your house cool at the right moments. In some thermostats, you can even set the time you and your family leave the house and come back. This allows your air-conditioner to make the air of your house cooler and provide refreshment when you come in from the hot environment outside. 

Programming your thermostat ends up saving you a lot of money too. A search on the internet will let you know that normal temperatures are 21-25° Celsius. You can find out the temperatures recommended for your thermostat from a corporation providing air conditioner repair in Saskatoon

Wrong Sized AC

You are probably wondering how this point applies to you. But more people than you imagine have bought the wrong sized AC units for their houses. Installing the wrong size has led to issues with energy efficiency and even to the failure of their air conditioners. 

It’s best to call professionals from HVAC contractors in Saskatoon to check if you have the wrong sized AC. They will recommend the correct size of AC that fits your needs and the needs of your house. 

To prevent mistakes like these with your air conditioner, you should contact Efficiency Heating and Cooling. We provide top-notch service and honest advice. To avail of our services, you can call, or send an email describing your issue at [email protected].

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