5 Guaranteed Ways to Save On Furnace Installation

5 Guaranteed Ways to Save On Furnace Installation

No furnace lasts forever. Eventually, you need to have it replaced. The reasons for replacing a furnace could be due to poor maintenance, heavy damages, or simply old age. The process of replacing your furnace is no joke. Thus, you really have to get the best furnace installation service Saskatoon, SK.

On top of getting a company that offers the best service, you also have to take care of your budget range. To get the best deal, there are actually handy ways how to save on furnace installation. The following are simple steps to get started.

furnace installation service Saskatoon CA
furnace installation service Saskatoon CA

Buy the Right Size of Furnace

Your technician will pay your home a visit and create calculations about the furnace capacity required to heat your place effectively. A furnace that has a super-large capacity will apparently consume more fuel and energy. The initial expense will also be high. If your area is not that big, don’t personally pick a furnace with high capacity. Here at Efficiency Heating, Cooling & Fireplace, we make clients understand how the sizing works to install the most suitable furnace size they truly need.

Look for Energy-Efficient Furnaces

The AFUE or annual fuel utilization efficiency rating is the usual basis to gauge a furnace’s efficiency. The furnaces out in the market today feature a maximum of 98.6% AFUE. This enables the heating costs to plunge by around 30% after the new furnace installation. If you can’t afford the ones with the highest efficiency rating, at least make sure that the next furnace you’re getting has an Energy Star rating.

Consider Condensing Gas Furnaces

The most efficient kind of furnace available today is the condensing gas furnace. These units have a second heat exchanger that converts more fuel to heat. It’s also recommended to get a model with a built-in humidification system. Once you add humidity to the air and achieve a 50% humidity level, this increases the level of comfort even if the temperature is slightly cooler.

Look for Tax Incentives

You can actually get state, federal, or local tax incentives after getting a furnace installation service in Saskatoon, SK. Most incentive programs require you to buy energy-efficient systems for you to qualify. The majority of these programs come in the form of a tax credit for the year the furnace is installed.

Seek Manufacturer Rebates

A lot of furnace manufacturers provide financing incentives and rebates for buyers. Make sure that once you get this deal, you’re getting the right documentation for the rebate submissions. Some rebates will be received in the form of a check while some come in the form of discounts.

When the outdoor conditions start to get harsh, a reliable furnace can really save the day. Thus, make sure that if your unit is not in its best condition, hire a repair service as soon as possible, and if a repair can no longer save it, get the best furnace service in Saskatoon, SK. For all of your HVAC needs, Efficiency Heating, Cooling & Fireplaces can be your ultimate buddy. Give us a ring at (306) 384-4328, and we’ll be there.

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