10 Ways to Avoid Air Conditioner Breakdowns

10 Ways to Avoid Air Conditioner Breakdowns

The arrival of summer is accompanied by a rise in the average daily temperatures. As a result of the searing heat, air conditioners are rapidly becoming a necessity in the modern household. Virtually every home today has at least one. It contributes to the house maintaining a pleasant and cool temperature. If you want your air conditioner to last a long time and function well, maintain it properly with regular AC service in Saskatoon.

Ways to Avoid Air Conditioner Breakdown:

  • Cleaning or Changing Filters
    When an air conditioner is utilized for a lengthy period, dust and debris can develop on the air filters, causing many problems. It would help if you replaced them annually to ensure the optimum level of performance. It would help if you cleaned the air filters every three months, or you can hire an HVAC repair company to do it for you.
  • Keep the Area Surrounding Your Outside Unit Clean
    The outdoor unit of your air conditioner requires an open room. It would help if you were sure to cut the grass around it and trim any bushes or other vegetation that could potentially obstruct it. Ensure that there is not a single piece of debris within several feet of your outside unit.
  • Clean the Coils
    It is possible for both the interior and exterior of the condenser’s coils to become coated with dust exceptionally quickly. To maintain the coils running effectively, they must be regularly cleaned and freed of dirt and debris.
  • Use Ceiling Fan
    If you have a ceiling fan, you should complement your split AC with the use in your home. With the aid of the fan, the cool air will be able to circulate throughout the entire area, providing for a quicker and more pronounced fall in temperature. This will make you feel calmer and reduce the burden on your split-system air conditioner, thereby preventing air conditioner repair in Saskatoon.
  • Repair Leaking Ducts
    The expensive cooled air will escape into your home’s walls if there are breaks or holes in the ducts, where it will be of little use. In these conditions, your air conditioner will have to work harder, increasing your energy costs.
  • Keep the Air Vents Open
    It is not recommended to close all the vents because it could disrupt the system’s air balance and cause operational issues, which could cause the system to fail. To avoid these difficulties, ensure that all of your home’s air vents are unobstructed and open.
  • Plan Preventive Maintenance 
    Routine maintenance is essential for the optimal functioning of all household appliances. Homeowners are recommended to schedule annual HVAC repairs in Saskatoon and tune-ups to ensure the continued efficiency of their systems throughout the year. You may find that your monthly energy costs have lowered due to your air conditioner’s increased efficiency.
  • Ensure That the Drain Line is Unclogged
    Operating your air conditioner will drain any extra moisture from your home through a drain pipe and out of your property. This conforms to conventional operating procedures. Nevertheless, if this drain line becomes clogged, water may go back into your home, causing water damage and mould growth. While your system is working, the drain line should be inspected. If water is not draining from a pipe, the line may be obstructed, and the impediment must be removed.
  • When Not in Use, Ensure That the AC is Turned Off
    Turning off the air conditioner when you are not in a room is the best option. Some people prefer to leave their air conditioning on when they leave a room so that it is cool when they return. This is not optimal because your air conditioner will have to work harder and will thus require more air conditioner repair.
  • Use a Thermostat
    You can set your air conditioner to maintain the perfect temperature for the space with a programmable thermostat. Most HVAC companies suggest setting the thermostat between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius if your air conditioner is not automatically programmed.


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