Making the Call When It Comes To HVAC Contractors in Saskatoon, CA

HVAC contractors in Saskatoon, CA 

Here at Efficiency Heating, Cooling & Fireplace, we’ve been in business for over 30 years, but we know you have options when it comes to hiring HVAC contractors in Saskatoon, CA. Whether you’ve been a loyal customer for years or you just moved to the area and need some help, we work to earn your repeat business every time. It’s not by mistake we’ve been in this industry since 1985; we have built our reputation on word of mouth referrals and online reviews from satisfied customers.

We’re confident in our ability to meet your needs whether you need a garbage disposal fixed or a furnace installation. We have technicians and plumbers specialized in the jobs you need done. Here are some of the features of our work that make us different from other HVAC businesses in the area. If you’re having trouble narrowing down between a few HVAC contractors, we hope knowing our philosophy a bit more will help you decide to work with us.

  1. Customer satisfaction. How many businesses really stop to ask the customer if everything looks good at the end of a service visit? We take the time to make sure you get the work done to your specifications. We believe in doing the job once and doing it right.
  1. Upfront Integrity. How many technicians actually explain the repair process they performed and take the time to ask if you have any questions? Our team is trained to not only do the work but give you transparency in understanding what was done.
  1. We know your time is valuable. We strive not only to arrive to your home or office on time to do the work, but to perform services in a timely manner while still keeping quality as a standard. You won’t find our technicians taking unprofessional long breaks on the job but you will see them greeting you at the door and working hard to fix whatever needs to be done.

HVAC contractors in Saskatoon, CA

  1. Quality work that doesn’t cut corners. When we do an inspection, maintenance tune up, or estimate for work, we’ll be up front on your options. Instead of doing a quick, cheap job that will temporarily solve the problem, we are forthcoming about expectations. We will tell you the optimal way to fix a problem and perform the task. If the expensive “best fix” doesn’t make sense and a replacement makes more sense than repairing something, we are honest about it. We think it’s more important to give you the true news than tell you the easiest answer and leave you high and dry when problems arise.
  1. A local fixture. We’ve been at this business for a while (30+ years). When we started, we were smaller but we started seeing success and decided to offer more services to our customers. Being a member business in the community means we love our customers and want to stick around. Our popularity is built on our reputation and we put in the pride and effort that keeps bringing us referrals from our clients.

Call Efficiency Heating, Cooling & Fireplace at (306)-384-4328 when you need HVAC repair in Saskatoon, CA.