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Maintaining Heat in Very Cold Weather

Maintaining Heat in Very Cold Weather

Heating systems work extra hard to keep our homes warm this cold winter. Additionally, while furnaces function well for most of the heating season, they can experience performance issues during cold weather, which may require you to call our HVAC technician for furnace repair in Saskatoon. If you reside in Saskatoon and are seeking professional HVAC services, contact the furnace technicians at Efficiency Heating and Cooling for assistance.

How to Maintain Heat in Cold Weather

Below are the methods you can use to help your furnace handle cold weather:

Lower Thermostat Setting

Sometimes your furnace cannot keep up with the drop in temperature, especially if it lasts for a prolonged length. If your house isn’t heating up to your desired temperature, consider reducing it by a few degrees.

You cannot raise the temperature of the air coming from your vents by merely turning up the thermostat. In the same way, turning up your heating won’t make your house warm any quicker. Choose a temperature your HVAC system can reach, even if it is lower than you generally enjoy.

Check The Radiators

You prevent heat from entering the room if the furniture obstructs the radiators. If you move the couch farther from the radiator, the room will heat up faster. If you were hiding the radiator behind furniture, you could always use a radiator cover to conceal it while still allowing it to circulate heat.

Keep The Temperature on the Thermostat Constant

Once you’ve established a temperature system that can handle it, keep it there and override any predetermined setbacks. In most cases, lowering your thermostat’s setting while you are away from home can help you save money on energy. To raise the temperature later, your system must work harder and cycle longer in cold conditions.

Clean Your Air Filter Regularly

Your furnace needs all the support to keep your home warm while it’s cold outside. To avoid your furnace working harder than it needs to during severely cold weather, it is essential to ensure you have a clean air filter fitted. Contact our HVAC contractors in Saskatoon, SK, to get your filters cleaned.

Consider a Fireplace Plug

Leaks in a loose fireplace damper might cause your home to lose up to 20% of its heated air. A fireplace draft stopper can help you close the flue if you want to keep that warm air inside. Fireplace plugs come in various sizes, so before you buy, ensure that you measure and figure out what size you need.

Stop Drafts and Shut off Unused Vents

Stop cold air drafts by caulking window and door cracks. To block any leaks in your windows, you can try an insulation kit, thick drapes, weather stripping, or even caulking. Try an air-stopping door snake for exterior doors, or restrict entry and exit to doors that open away from the house, like the garage or mudroom.

To stimulate airflow in inhabited areas of the house, close vents and doors to unused rooms like sunrooms and spare bedrooms.

Are the Dampers Open?

Dampers are used in some ducting to modify the airflow. Look for knobs and labels like “summer” and “winter” on the ductwork. For optimal airflow, align the damper handle parallel to the duct line.

Request That a Neighbor Watch Over Your House While You are Away

When it’s cold outside, your furnace breaks, and your house may be more vulnerable to other issues, such as frozen pipes. If you’re going to be away from home for an extended period and you know we’re going to have colder weather than usual, have a neighbor check to be sure your heat is working, so you notice any problems before they get worse.

Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up

Routine furnace tune-ups can help prevent future problems. The furnace technicians at Efficiency Heating and Cooling can make your system function more effectively and identify possible issues before they happen. To make an appointment, call us immediately if you need immediate heating repair in Saskatoon, SK.

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