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Reasons Your Heat Pump Is Running Without Breaks

Reasons Your Heat Pump Is Running Without Breaks

A heat pump is responsible for warming up your space by transferring warmth from a cooler to a warmer place. They also help in cooling and dehumidifying the area, and they consume less electricity.

Many heat pump owners get worried when they notice that the heat pumps have been running for a long time without breaks. It may or may not be a thing to worry about; heat pumps have a design that enables them to work continuously and for longer hours. 

But there may be some other hidden problems that may cause your heat pump to run continuously. You may have to call in for furnace repair in Saskatoon to get them fixed. Here are some common causes of a running heat pump:

Wrong size of the HVAC system

The HVAC system that you purchase for your home should be proportional to the size of the house. If the system is too small compared to the house, it will have to run for longer hours, and the electricity bill will rise exponentially. If the system is too large compared to the house, it will face frequent short cycling, and the system may break down before its lifespan.


HVAC units tend to break down before their lifespan due to dirt and dust clogging the air filters and coils. When there are clogs in the system, the unit tends to overheat and work for longer hours to warm the house.

Clean the coils and filters using water frequently to avoid this problem. If you want a thorough cleaning of your system, contact a company for heating repair in Saskatoon, SKfor the same.


The thermostat regulates the whole HVAC unit. A minor fault in the thermostat makes the system go berserk. The heat pump may be running because the thermostat has not registered the correct temperature in it. Unless the thermostat registers the changing temperature, the heat pump will continue to function.

You can use a thermometer to check whether the thermostat is functioning correctly or not. If you see a difference between the temperature of the thermometer and the thermostat, the latter is at fault. Check the circuit breakers of the thermostat and replace its batteries to correct the thermostat. If nothing works, call furnace repair in Saskatoon, to help you out.


If there are any leaks in your home’s insulation, the place will not warm up, and the heat pump will have to work for longer hours to maintain the temperature. Ensure that the warm air does not seep out through any doors or windows. Maintain proper insulation in your home to warm it quicker and to get lower electricity bills.

Many other reasons may cause the heat pump to run for longer hours. If you have tried these above steps yet the heat pump continues functioning the same way, contact Efficiency Heating to help you find the real cause of the problem. Look for furnace installation in Saskatoon, or contact us at (306) 384-4328 or email us at [email protected].

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