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My Gas Fireplace Won’t Stay Lit! – Here’s the Fix!

My Gas Fireplace Won’t Stay Lit! – Here’s the Fix!

The beauty of a gas fireplace can enhance any home. This fireplace gives a natural look with its logs and LED lighting effects, heats your house well, and has easy venting. The effect is very similar to that of a natural fire but without the smoke or ash. They’re also convenient since they have features like remote control operation. 

Even the coziest of homes would feel empty without the perfect gas fireplace. But when it no longer works, it can be a real hassle. Fortunately, you can solve many of the potential causes of this problem yourself without contacting a professional. To prevent calling a repairman, try some of these DIY tips first.

If your gas fireplace still won’t stay lit, it is a good idea to have a technician for HVAC repair in Saskatoon look at it. 

Now Here’s What You Need To Do!

A fireplace in Saskatoon is essential for every home. There are different safety devices built into various models, however. Thermocouples are sometimes paired with oxy pilots, and other times, thermocouples are used only. Before attempting repairs, it’s best to research your particular make and model. Before contacting a professional, keep the following in mind. 

1.  Make Sure The Pilot Light is Working

Before taking any other steps, check your pilot lights. As it varies from model to model, you must follow certain instructions for resetting your pilot light. Please read your instructions carefully before proceeding.

Instead of a yellow-tinted flame, the pilot should produce a sky blue in the middle and dark blue on the edges. The flame should be directed at heating the thermocouple tip.

2. Inspect The Trampoline

There is a possibility that a problem with the trampoline could be causing the pilot light to remain late. This is a very small fireplace component that converts heat into electricity. Sand away the carbon deposit on the trampoline until it appears clean again. 

3. Inadequate Pressure in The Gas Line

Proper gas pressure is another reason why the fireplace isn’t lit. The fireplace won’t light if gas pressure drops below the required level. You should seek professional assistance with this issue. It is good to call a technician for HVAC repair to look at it. 

4. A Malfunctioning Gas Valve

 Another possible cause of your fireplace’s inability to stay lit is a bad gas valve. Your fireplace is no exception, as every HVAC system wears out over time. You may be unable to enjoy the comfort of a fireplace if you have problems with the ignition system. The furnace repair in Saskatoon should be repaired by a professional to ensure a comfortable experience.

You shouldn’t be worried or confused about contacting a professional tech to furnace guys in Saskatoon! Experts like Efficiency heating will do what is needed to ensure your comfort. Experts are equipped with the necessary skills to quickly diagnose and correct the problem. 

Do not be concerned! We will have your fireplace working like new in no time. Call us now at (306) 384-4328 or email at [email protected], and we will ensure long-lasting comfort and top-quality HVAC repair service.

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