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How to Handle Your Furnace Leaking Water

How to Handle Your Furnace Leaking Water

You just noticed that there’s water in front of your furnace. What do you make of this? What could be causing the water in your furnace to leak? If the problem persists, don’t panic; it’s generally an easy fix. There are numerous reasons for this. However, you’ll have to hire a qualified professional to look it over and figure out how to fix it. Don’t put it off any longer.

If a leak problem isn’t resolved quickly, it can become expensive and even dangerous due to mold growth. Reach out to the professionals at heating repair in Saskatoon, SK, and schedule a visit from one of our licensed technicians to your Saskatoon home today.

The Reason Your Furnace is Leaking Water 

If you notice a pool of water around the bottom of your furnace, it must be remedied immediately. If you have encountered water leakage in your home before, you know how painful it can be to the flooring, walls, and ceiling. 

Let’s take a look at the most common causes of furnace leaks so you know what to look for if it happens with your furnace. 

Condensation Leak

The most common trigger of a leaky furnace is a clogged air filter. Most furnaces have an AFUE rating of 90 percent or higher, indicating they operate at high efficiency. These models fit two heat exchangers, which helps them yield more heat. 

Condensation that forms as a result of heating must be disposed of out of your house via pipes. Floor drains are the most prevalent method of disposal.

The clogging or breaking of such pipes will result in leaking condensation at the bottom of your furnace. There’s a risk of water damage as soon as it begins to accumulate and pool up. 

Humidifier Leak

A blockage or tear in the humidifier can also cause water to leak from your furnace. Water-based humidifiers add moisture to the air by being linked to your home’s plumbing system. Water will start dripping from the furnace if something goes wrong with it or if it becomes jammed. 

A Plumbing Leak

If your furnace is leaking water, there’s a chance that you’re dealing with faulty plumbing instead of the furnace. Your furnace may be sound after all, which is a relief. However, the problem of the leak must be resolved.

Sometimes, it appears that the furnace is seeping when a backup in the drainage network is exacerbated by a blocked or damaged plumbing pipe. In that case, it’s time to get these pipes fixed or replaced entirely.

Air Conditioner Leaking

In mild climates like in Canada, furnaces and air conditioners are utilized during the same season. Because of this, the condensation overflows, and water leaks onto the heating unit. Sometimes it might look like your furnace is leaking water, but in reality, the leak is coming from your air conditioner.


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