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Common Furnace Problems You Can Face in Saskatoon

Common Furnace Problems You Can Face in Saskatoon

Winters in Saskatoon last for more than three months. And the temperature starts falling below the average as the winter intensifies. Having trouble with the furnace is common for every homeowner in Saskatoon. Thankfully, many furnace problems have easy DIY fixes. But the first thing that everyone must do with a faulty furnace is to check whether a professional HVAC company can come for a heating repair in Saskatoon, SK

Note: If you want to handle your furnace by yourself, don’t forget to check your furnace’s manual to ensure that you do not void the warranty by performing DIY troubleshooting.

Top 4 Furnace Problems You May Face in Saskatoon 

Malfunctioning Thermostat 

If your furnace is not generating heat, you need to check the thermostat. If it’s been a long since you have changed your thermostat batteries, you may need to change them once again now. While dealing with the thermostat, give the device a good dusting with a soft and small brush.

You also need to reboot the thermostat and change its setting to “Heat” from “Cool”. After you are done with changing the thermostat temperature setting, restart the breaker. If your thermostat is still not working as expected, call our HVAC contractors in Saskatoon to inspect the system.

Furnace Is Not Turning On 

There is an emergency shut-off switch in your furnace. You can probably find the switch in your furnace closet entrance or at the top of your basement stairs. You need to check if the switch is turned on. Because if someone has switched it off accidentally, your furnace will not work at all.

Dirty Furnace Filters 

If you have not changed your furnace’s filters for a long time now, it can cause you problems. Not to mention dirty filters will drive up your energy bills. If you want to prevent your furnace from working overtime, you need to change the air filters every 30 to 60 days. Changing air filters is easy. You need to turn off your furnace, remove the old air filters, and replace them with the new ones. You can turn your furnace on after the replacement is done.

If you’re not comfortable changing the air filters by yourself, you can call our professional team of heating repair in Saskatoon, SK, to perform the task on your behalf.

Furnace Is Not Igniting 

If your furnace clicks as if it’s about to turn on and then it never starts, there is some problem with the device. First of all, you need to check the power supply and thermostat. If you find any problem with those components, you need to fix them to bring your system back to normal. If you cannot find any sign of malfunction in those furnace components, you need to call our furnace service in Saskatoon to handle your device safely.

Though most of the common furnace problems can be fixed without calling a professional heating repair in Saskatoon, SK, it’s important to service your device professionally once or twice a year. If you are not comfortable performing some necessary maintenance tasks yourself, call Efficiency Heating, Cooling, & Fireplaces to help you.

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