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5 Steps to Improving Your Furnace Efficiency

5 Steps to Improving Your Furnace Efficiency

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Furnaces decrease in efficiency as time passes, and you as the homeowner are the only one who can make sure that your heating unit stays as close to 100% efficiency as possible. When a furnace is inefficient, it implies that you don’t get the heat as you would if it was shining new. The science is really simple – there would be wasting of energy. However, if efficiency decreases, it does not mean power consumption will decrease also, it may even increase depending on the problem with the machine. That gives rise to the need to keep furnaces in a state that gives you what you put into them. In reality, we should be happy to get most of what we give.

Check & clean your furnace filter or replace it

Filters are there to make sure the air that gets into the machine is clean, so it should be no surprise that they get clogged with impurities in the long run. If a filter is clogged, it means air circulation or air flow is not taking place as would be required by the machine to burn fuel efficiently. This stresses the machine causing it to increase power consumption.

Have a programmable thermostat installed

Programmable thermostats play a very important role in keeping your heating equipment efficient. A thermostat decreases the amount of heat being produced by the machine when the house temperature goes high and the other way round. This means that the machine is going to produce the amount of heat required at the correct time, for the right amount of time to bring the room to your desired temperature. This means that your machine is not going to stress when there is no need. Also, with a programmable thermostat, you can set a time when you want your machine to switch on or off.

Invest in yearly furnace maintenance

Maintenance is important because it takes back your heating unit to a perfect-functioning state. Researchers indicate that a heating machine that is dirty and lacks maintenance, functions more than twenty percent harder, and its efficiency is very low. If the furnace is working harder than it is supposed to do it means more energy being consumed, with the potential for parts being worn out internally. Effectively, the machine gets more inefficient with each day of unchecked toiling.

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Have your ductwork properly sealed

On average, a furnace consists of many pipes and ducts, they are passages for the different types of air in the machine. When these ducts are no longer sealed tightly, they start to leak, and gasses which are not supposed to mix come together. Not only does this reduce the furnace’s efficiency, but it also creates a potentially dangerous new gas mixture.

Invest in a zoned heating system

Instead of extending the heating efforts of one machine and thermostat across an entire building, with some of the rooms not even needing temperature regulation, heating repair service Saskatoon, SK companies will agree that sometimes if the thermostat of the whole machine is in a room with a lower temperature the unit is going to produce a lot of heat which is not necessary for other rooms. A zoned heating system ensures the correct amount of heat in the correct zone.

There are a lot of ways through which you can increase the efficiency of your furnace for the long run, many of them require a proactive approach, ensuring that heat is delivered where it is actually intended, for the length of time it is required. We are your own heating repair service in Saskatoon, SK, and are determined to set you on the path to efficiency, give us a call at (306) 384-4328 to experience a service better than just decent and we are also most recommended for furnace installation in Saskatoon.

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